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ForeSight Medical completes SOC 2 data security exam; Plans to undergo rigorous HITRUST audit later this year

TAMPA, FL – ForeSight Medical, a national leader in controlling costs of surgical implants in the workers’ compensation arena, has demonstrated its commitment to data security and privacy by completing a rigorous outside audit of its Service Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) standards.

The demanding third-party examination that led to the data security achievement was administered by the professional IT assurance and compliance staff at 360 Advanced, a respected national Qualified Security Assessor, HITRUST CSF Assessor and Certified Public Accountant firm based in Tampa, FL.

“Achieving SOC 2 compliance is clear evidence of our commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations as we continue to work to attain the information-security gold standard,” said Bill Elliott, Chief Operating and Information Officer at ForeSight Medical. “As we have earned recognition for compliance in HIPAA, Hi-Tech, ISO 27001, and now SOC 2, there is no doubt that ForeSight’s dedication to the integrity and confidentiality of our systems is deeply ingrained in our company culture.”

ForeSight has engaged 360 Advanced to administer the rigorous SOC 2 Type 2 and HITRUST assessment later this year, further demonstrating its focus on IT assurance and compliance and providing ForeSight with a clear competitive advantage.

About Foresight Medical

Founded by a team of healthcare executives with decades of experience in purchasing, billing, and supply chain management in the surgical implant sector, ForeSight develops analytic and defensible solutions to control the rapidly growing costs of surgical implants in workers’ compensation. Based in Tampa, FL., ForeSight serves clients nationally and can be reached at 855-481-1205 or via

About 360 Advanced

360 Advanced is one of only a few specialized firms in the U.S. that assist service providers as their independent IT assurance and compliance assessor in maintaining and communicating security and compliance to their clients.

360 Advanced’s services are provided, but not limited to, the following industries: Title Services, Hosted and Managed IT, Data Center and Colocation, Software as a Service (SaaS), Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance, HR | Payroll | PEO, Legal and Collections, Bulk Mail Printing and Distribution, Background Screening, Business Process Outsourcing and Marketing.

Services provided by 360 Advanced include HITRUST CSF, SOC 1 (SSAE 16), SOC 2, SOC 3, PCI DSS, HIPAA Security/HITECH, Microsoft Vendor Policy and other security and compliance services.

Contact: Eric Ratcliffe
866.418.1708 ext.710

ForeSight Medical Announces the Launch of Encompass, a Specialty Orthopedic, Spine and Pain Management Surgical Network for Workers’ Compensation Payers

The first network of its kind, Encompass focuses on connecting injured workers with surgical specialists who will provide the best care for patients in the optimal site of service, the ambulatory surgical center

TAMPA, FL–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ForeSight Medical has launched Encompass Specialty Surgical Network, a specialized orthopedic, spine and pain management surgical network for workers’ compensation payers.

“Encompass will deliver unmatched savings, superior patient outcomes and actionable reporting”

The leading provider of surgical device cost containment in workers’ compensation, ForeSight leveraged its deep domain experience and extensive surgical data and analytics platform to develop the first narrow network of best-in-class providers, world renowned physician groups and the ambulatory surgical centers that are customized for their surgical techniques.

“Ambulatory surgical centers are the safest and most efficient sites of care for most workers’ compensation related surgeries,” said ForeSight President Brian Bell. “However, legacy networks typically focus on broad-based facility agreements, which inadvertently drive over 70 percent of injured employees’ surgeries into a less efficient, cost-prohibitive site of care, the hospital.”

Encompass manages surgery from the initial surgical consultation through discharge, streamlining authorization, reserve-setting, scheduling, patient relations, billing, and payment processing. Encompass utilizes a proprietary scoring system to ensure patients see the highest quality, most responsible providers early in the treatment path to ensure the best outcome. Surgical Care Coordinators schedule the procedure with a top quality surgeon who has privileges at an in-network ambulatory surgical center. These coordinators proactively support all aspects of patient care and customer service. An advanced outcomes reporting platform delivers actionable analytics to medical managers, including comprehensive savings, outcomes and provider performance metrics.

The industry’s first specialty surgery management organization, Encompass focuses on the quality of surgical outcomes, lower surgical revision rates and off-label utilization, and post-operative medical expenses that reduce return-to-work rates. “Encompass will deliver unmatched savings, superior patient outcomes and actionable reporting,” Bell said, noting that the company is uniquely positioned to thrive in this space.

In addition to its vast, true-cost, geo-specific surgical data, Encompass has a management team with 50 combined years of experience in the surgical care continuum. The team’s profound understanding of administration, clinician and site-of care dynamics enhances a payer’s ability to manage costs and surgical outcomes.

For more information, please contact Encompass 844-427-4251 or visit

About Encompass Specialty Surgical Network

Developed by a team of ambulatory surgical center and implantable device experts, Encompass enhances payers’ ability to manage cost and surgical outcomes by directing eligible surgical candidates to the most qualified physicians early in the care continuum. Using data, analytics and quality based scoring metrics, Encompass delivers unmatched value for the highest acuity and highest cost patient care and is changing the way surgery is managed. It is the industry’s first surgical management organization that delivers cost effective, patient-focused, quality outcomes in the ambulatory surgical center setting.


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Helen Patterson, 813-690-4787

Mitchell launches access to ForeSight Medical to contain the variable and rising cost of surgical implantable devices for its SmartAdvisor® platform customers

SAN DIEGO, CA — Mitchell International is pleased to announce the addition of ForeSight Medical to its portfolio of Strategic Partners. Mitchell’s partnership with ForeSight will deliver the industry’s leading solution to help payers with the challenges they face managing high-cost surgical implant devices. This solution will manage utilization, facility, surgeon and procedural trending related to surgical procedures involving implantable hardware.

“The complex supply chain, variable markups and widely inconsistent provider billing practices make identifying and containing the costs of surgical implants challenging,” said Mitchell’s General Manager of Casualty Solutions, Nina Smith. “ForeSight’s deep domain experience delivers a comprehensive and objective solution to help control the ever-increasing costs of surgical implants for our clients.”

Designed specifically for surgical procedures involving implantable hardware, ForeSight’s proprietary Fusion™ audit and adjudication platform employs dynamic modular reduction methodologies to identify and remove inappropriate charges to ensure the lowest reasonable cost is paid.

“A multitude of market forces cause overpayment on surgical implant charges. ForeSight is thrilled to partner with Mitchell ― a like-minded, technological leader who embraces innovative solutions to control the rising cost of surgical procedures for Workers’ Compensation payers,” said Brian Bell, ForeSight President.

“Through our integration with the SmartAdvisor® bill review platform, Mitchell’s clients will gain access to an industry-leading solution that delivers the most effective and comprehensive means of controlling the widely variable costs and over-utilization associated with implantable hardware used in surgery. ForeSight’s mission is to ensure that Mitchell clients pay the lowest reasonable price for implants that are actually utilized, properly documented and appropriate for the procedure,” Bell said.

About Mitchell International

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Mitchell International, Inc. is celebrating its 70th year of enabling better business outcomes for its customers in the Property & Casualty insurance industry. Mitchell delivers smart technology solutions that simplify and accelerate claims handling processes, driving more accurate, consistent, and cost-effective resolutions. Mitchell integrates deep industry expertise into workflow solutions, which provide unparalleled access to data, advanced analytics and decision support tools. Mitchell’s comprehensive solution portfolio and robust SaaS infrastructure connect its customers in ways that enable tens of millions of electronic transactions to be processed each month for more than 300 insurance companies and over 30,000 collision repair facilities across the Americas and Europe. For more information, please visit

About ForeSight Medical

Founded by a team of healthcare executives with decades of experience in purchasing, billing, and supply chain management in the surgical implant sector, ForeSight develops analytic and defensible solutions to control the rapidly growing costs of surgical implants in workers’ compensation. Based in Tampa, Florida, ForeSight serves clients nationally and can be reached at 855-481-1205 or via